Rental Rates

  • All booths are of white pegboard construction with both side and back walls 6’ height. Shops located along the left wall have a backside constructed of slat wall 10-12′ high. Those along the right side have 6’ of pegboard and an additional 6’ of slat wall.
  • Please inquire into shops currently available. In an effort to accommodate both the beginner crafter needing very little space as well as the more experienced with large items, we have over 20 booth sizes.
  • A sampling of our rates:
    • 1’ wide, 6’ high wall space @ $24/month
    • 2’ wide @ $36
    • 2’ deep x 4’ wide $85
    • 3’deep X 4’ wide $105
    • 4’deep X 4’ wide $120

Other Lease Notes:

  • Lease term is 1 year.  A 6-month option is available to new crafters who have not sold their work before.  Consignment option is 40%/60%; inquire into details.
  • Work requirements are monthly - 2 hours or $25 per month.
  • If shop is not replenished and gives an “empty” appearance, we may add items to fill the space.
  • Special orders will be taken if a crafter permits orders. Telephone calls will be made to inform crafters of the need for additional merchandise.
  • Returns will not be allowed. Exchange for same crafter product of equal or greater value within crafter ‘payperiod’ may be accepted.
  • Artisans who complete an artist profile may be featured as a ‘crafter/artisan of the month’ and promoted in monthly mailers or any other media the store selects.
  • A $25 one time set-up fee covers administrative set-up, and booth preparation before & after rental.

Included Services For You:

  • Help setting up an attractive display and assistance when you need it to refresh a ‘tired’ display
  • Help creating bag stuffers to promote your product at shows or in-store
  • Store hand-outs for craft fairs with your shop address (can personalize for you with a small discount or however you choose)
  • Help locating craft fairs when you need them
  • Display fixtures, shelving, brackets available for your use (selection varies)
  • Several ‘common area displays’ help cross-sell your product with other store merchandise
  • Work space available for your class or get-together
  • Wholesale purchase of common supplies
  • Craft & Hobby Association trade show admittance
  • Store website display of your merchandise for in-store promotion
  • Facebook promotion of your ‘shop’ and/or new products
  • Provide space for in-store demo of your craft any time you want
  • More!

Why do crafters craft?  Some of us are entrepreneurs who hope to create a product, test it in a craft mall and expand into other markets such as the internet or our own store.  If we are lucky, we may even be able to support ourselves just doing what we like best.  Others do crafts as a past time in hopes to cover crafting costs and make some extra spending money.  Then there are those who craft as ‘therapy’ to maintain mental health or physical wellness and use the craft mall as simply an outlet to sell what is produced.  Others craft to raise funds to donate to a cause they support.  Whatever the reason, crafting provides an outlet for creativity, socialization and brings a sense of ‘self-worth’ just knowing others choose to purchase items you made by hand.

Why a craft mall?  Having space in a craft mall is not much different than leasing space for your own business – just on a smaller scale.  A retail business must buy or lease space, acquire equipment (computers, calculator, copier, credit card processing equipment and services, security equipment, cleaning equipment, etc.), supplies such as packaging, checks, office and maintenance supplies, hire employees and deal with payrolls, advertise, promote the business and much more.  In a craft mall your space rental covers all of the above expenses.  The craft mall takes care of collecting and reporting sales tax so you don’t have to.  You can take ownership in your personal ‘shop’ by designing and laying the space out to best sell your product.  Add signage and business cards and then refer family, friends, and any already existing customers to your shop and the sales begin.  At MC&G Shops you will have your own street address to direct customers to your ‘shop’.

To achieve the greatest sales:

  • Keep your booth well stocked with an assortment of choices.
  • Visit the store at least once per month to rearrange, temporarily remove merchandise and bring in new.  Keep in mind there are many repeat customers – keep them interested by making your shop appear to have good merchandise turnover when sales are slower.
  • Promote your business by distributing brochures or handing out business cards.
  • Give store gift certificates to bring new customers into the store.
  • Take advantage of all FREE opportunities to advertise or promote your shop in bulletins you can advertise in outside of the store (church or club newsletters), and via use of the store tent sign, customer newsletters, bag stuffers or special event promotions.  Bring in your craft to work on during busier times when customers can see you, ask questions and you can promote your crafts direct to the customer; this can be done during ‘work time’. 

Marketing and display assistance is available.  If you feel merchandise is not moving as well as you like, those with a 1-year lease may request a FREE analysis and feedback. 

Where do we go from here?

1st – Determine your space needs.  We advise that you go for the shallowest depth and the widest space that you can afford.  Though you can start small and change to larger space later, keep in mind that the longer you can get a customer to look at your merchandise, the more likely a sale will occur.  It takes longer to walk by a 4′ space than 1′, and even longer to walk by 6′. 

Depth in a booth encourages customers to step in.  Utilize display fixtures, baskets, and a variety of shelving.  Display merchandise in a way that requires customers to move some items to view others – get the customer to touch your crafts.  Display the best, most unusual or attractive merchandise where the customer’s eyes will first land to draw attention and to encourage a closer look.

2nd – Determine your best rental arrangement.

3rd – Why wait; let’s get started!  Come in and we’ll set you up with your own ‘shop’ space.

How to Order

Online shopping is currently unavailable, to order please call 1-608-442-7467.